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West Coast Premiere

by Mona Mansour

Golden Thread Productions, San Francisco, CA (2013)

What do you do when the only way to live is to leave? Jamila, a studious 17-year-old Palestinian girl growing up in a Lebanese refugee camp, feverishly prepares for the university exam that is her only way out of the impoverished world she calls home. Mansour offers a feast of personalities and juicy dialogue in this searing and funny family story.


"Emotions run high and strong in director Evren Odcikin's excellent production."

Theater Dogs


"Strong, believable relationships between the characters, combined with a well-done set design, make the show engaging."

Mission Mission

"Director Evren Odcikin provides a warm, but realistic portrait of life in the camps." 

Pacific Sun


Munaf Alsafi, Camila Betancourt Ascencio, Tara Blau, Terry Lamb, Julian Lopez-Morillas, Wiley Naman Strasser


Creative Team

Brendan Aanes (sound design), Kate Boyd (scenic and lighting design), Devon LaBelle (props), Michelle Mulholland (costume design), Marie Shell (stage manager), Michelle Smith (assistant stage manager)

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