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World Premiere

by Christopher Chen

Impact Theatre & Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company, Berkeley, CA (2014)

The Republican Party finally — finally! — realizes it has a problem with race. So it decides its best chance for success in the 2016 presidential election is to back a candidate who’s hapa — of mixed Asian descent. A blisteringly funny satire that skewers not only the elephants in the room but the donkeys too, Mutt burns down the entire house of racial cards.


Top 10 Selection for 2014: "Best new play of the year" —Theater Dogs

Director and scenic designer

"Odcikin keeps the comedy bracingly sharp while eliciting the most cohesively strong ensemble acting I've seen yet at Impact." 

San Francisco Chronicle

"Expertly directed by Evren Odcikin, who makes the tiny space feel more fluid and limber than ever before. Odcikin’s exuberant cast knows how not to push the comedy too hard to maximize laughs." 

—Theater Dogs

"Director Evren Odcikin creates a dizzying pace, rolling the scenes so fast that they slam into each other, creating a breathless feel to the piece." 

Contra Costa Times

"Fast and loose and often outrageous in a rollicking staging by director Evren Odcikin [...] The satire is broad and clownish, but very, very funny, handled by Odcikin and the cast with sharp comedic delivery." 

—The Idiolect

"Odcikin brought out the comedy and the poignancy with a difficult episodic play in this sand-box space." 



Patricia Austin, Matthew Lai, Marilet Martinez, Lawrence Radecker, Michelle Talgarow, Michael Uy Kelly


Creative Team

Brendan Aanes (sound design), Evren Odcikin(scenic design), Lauren Sarrico (stage manager), Jax Steiger (lighting design), Lizabeth Stanley (props), Huy Kim Tran (costume design)

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