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West Coast Premiere

by David Bell

Impact Theatre, Berkeley, CA (2010)

The Integrity Players is a theatre company so committed to its mission to produce little-known classics that it’s on the verge of having to shut down permanently. Svengali producer Eddie, fresh off his boffo hit Naked Boys Running Around Naked, needs a venue for his next low-brow entertainment featuring Kit Swagger, the legendary gay-porn star. Sensing blood in the water, Eddie makes the company an offer it may not be able to refuse.


"2010 Honorable Mention" —Bay Area Reporter


"Director Evren Odcikin brings this classic framing device into a bedazzled world complete with sashay and swagger . . . the pacing is quick and fresh like a bitch slap." 

The Daily Californian

"Director Evren Odcikin has cast the play beautifully and keeps it moving like hot ball bearings downhill on ice.”

—San Jose Mercury News

"Directed with anarchic élan and requisite comical definition by Evren Odcikin"

SF Bay Guardian

"Director Evren Odcikin keeps the multi-scene play moving at a good clip in the tight playing area, and has wrought inspired comedic performances.” 

Bay Area Reporter

"Affectionately and astutely directed by Evren Odcikin" 

—Theater Dogs


Adiran Anchondo, Timitio Artusio, Monica Cappuccini, John Ferreira, Eliza Leoni, Brian McManus, Jai Sahai, and Steven Satyricon


Creative Team

Miyuki Bierlein (costume design), Colin Trevor (sound design), Ashley Bodnar (stage manager), Anne Kendall (lighting design), Jax Staeger (scenic design)

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