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World Premiere

410[GONE] by Frances Ya-Chu Howhig

Crowded Fire Theater Company, San Francisco (2013)

Where do we go when we die? In Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s dark and dazzling play 410[GONE], that all depends on how you play the game. On this fantastical journey into the underworld — a land ruled by the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and the Monkey King — a sister and brother must face the ultimate question: if there is no love without pain, what does it mean to love?


410[GONE] was featured in the September 2013 issue of American Theatre Magazine.


Director and scenic designer

"Odcikin's fast-paced staging deftly incorporates the play's heavy technological element." 

—KQED Arts

"Odcikin nicely balances the groovily updated folklore aspects of the play with the very real human elements of loss, grief, mental illness, and cultural identification." 

—Theater Dogs

“A real tear-jerker without an ounce of nostalgia or a trace of sentimentality. If you cry at this play, don't worry. It's just because it hurts so good." 

—Hyphen Magazine


Christopher James Cortez, Cindy Im, Michael Uy Kelly, Charisse Lorieaux, Alexander M Lydon


Creative Team

Stephanie Buchner (lighting design), Wesley Cabral (video design), Keiko Carreiro (costume design), Sara Huddleston (sound design), Devon LaBelle (props), Goose Manriquez (animation), Evren Odcikin (scenic design), Mina Sohaa Smith (stage manager)

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