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West Coast Premiere

unseen by Mona Mansour

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, OR (2022)

Mia, an American conflict photographer, wakes up at the site of a massacre in Syria, not sure how she got there. With her Turkish girlfriend Derya and her Californian mother Jane, Mia must slowly piece together the details of her past to find out what happened. Mona Mansour’s beautifully human and surprisingly humorous play asks what it would mean for our souls—personally and as a nation—if we were to truly see the impact of our actions.

"Raw and poignant. . . Astutely directed by Evren Odcikin"

Times Standard


"Thought-provoking, challenging and complex... Director Evren Odcikin generates a sense of unbroken momentum."

Herald and News


Nora el Samahy, Helen Sadler, and Caroline Shaffer

Creative Team

Avi Amon (Sound Designer and Composer), Wesley Apfel (Stage Manager), Charlie Baker (Intimacy Director), Hala Baki (Assistant Director), Rebecca Carey (Voice & Text Director), JuanCarlos Contreras (Assistant Stage Manager), Hal Day (Production Assistant), Dine El-Aziz (Costume Designer), Sonia Fernandez (Dramaturg), JZ Casting and Joy Dickson (Casting), Liz Lanier (Support Producer), Rachel Maize (Production Manager), Kaitlyn Pietras (Projections Designer), Mariana Sanchez (Set Designer), Ken Savage (Lead Producer), U. Jonathan Toppo (Fight Director), Solomon Weisbard (Lighting Designer)

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