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Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, OR (2024)

In this powerful exploration of fate, an unexpected prophecy sends Scottish general Macbeth on a feverish and murderous quest to become king. With startlingly beautiful language, Shakespeare’s revered tragedy reveals the underbelly of ambition in a world steeped in power mongering, war, and magic. This muscular, modern production is an ensemble-based showcase for OSF’s acting company and plays all season in the Angus Bowmer Theatre.


Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey, Jennie Greenberry, Auston Henderson, Kate Hurster, David Kelly, Kevin Kenerly, Jana Krumholtz, David Anthony Lewis, Amy Lizardo, Armando McClain, Erica Sullivan, Dane Troy, Nicole Villavicencio Gonzalez, Jaysen Wright

Creative Team

Natalie Allen (Associate Choreographer), Hal Day (Assistant Stage Manager), Jaz Hall (Assistant Director), Wiley Basho Gorn (Dramaturg), Rosa Joshi (Dramaturg), Sarah Dale Lewis (Stage Manager), Michael Locher (Set Designer), Michael K. Maag (Lighting Designer), Rocio Mendez (Fight and Intimacy Director), Carla Pantoja (Associate Fight and Intimacy Director), T. Carlis Roberts (Composer and Sound Designer), Jon Rua (Choreographer), Melissa Torchia (Costume Designer), Kate Wisniewski (Voice and Text Director), Citlalin Zapata Sanchez (Rehearsal Production Assistant)

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