World Premiere


by Saïd Sayrafiezadeh

Golden Thread Productions (2017)

Saïd has written a play about growing up Iranian and Jewish-American during the Iran hostage crisis. As he and his well-meaning collaborators try to stage his script, things go quickly and hilariously from bad to worse. Will Saïd ever be able to just fit in? Whiting Award–winning writer Sayrafiezadeh (Brief Encounters With the EnemyWhen Skateboards Will Be Free) brilliantly pokes fun at the complications of hyphenated identity in America. 

"Directed by Evren Odcikin, who handles its many twists and turns nimbly, the show is often very funny."

—The Mercury News

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"Under Odcikin’s deft (and often breathless) direction, Golden Thread’s ensemble of five determined artists jumps through acting hoops that range from hilariously fake attempts at empathy to painfully honest confessions; from surprisingly agile bits of physical comedy to heartbreaking moments of personal cruelty."

The Huffington Post

"Directed by Evren Odcikin, who handles its many twists and turns nimbly, the show is often very funny, especially in the many uncomfortable moments between the performers. Just as often, it’s disturbing in how aptly it captures how thin people’s veneer of tolerance can be, even — or rather especially — when they believe it to be genuine." 

The Mercury News


Jenna Apollonia, Patricia Austin, Cassidy Brown, Alan Coyne, and Damien Seperi

Creative Team

Jenna Apollonia (Assistant Stage Manager), Cassie Barnes (Lighting Design), Miyuki Bierlein (Costume Design), Christian Cagigal (Magic Consultant), Beckett Finn (Technical Director), Sara Huddleston (Sound Design), and Benjamin Shiu (Stage Manager)

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