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Regional Premiere

LATE COMPANY by Jordan Tannahill

New Conservatory Theater Center, San Francisco, CA (2019)

In an attempt to find closure after a family tragedy, Debora and Michael invite their son’s bully and his family over for dinner. As the night progresses, pain, loss and rage all come to a head, and there’s enough blame for everybody to have a share.

Theatre Bay Area Awards Recommended Production


"The cast assembled under the masterful direction of Evren Odcikin is superb."

Theatre Eddys

"Director Evren Odcikin grabs and holds our attention with wit, humor, and flair. His five superb actors deliver jewel-like characters who fill the stage with fascinating life at every moment."


"Odcikin has cunningly elevated the subtext of playwright Jordan Tannahill's crafty script: This is also a play about the performances we all enact in everyday life, the flimsy veils of sometimes hypocritical civility we hang between our gut feelings and our social interactions."

Bay Area Reporter


Kenneth Heaton, Lawrence Radecker, Desiree Rogers, Cheryl Smith, and Baela Tinsley

Creative Team

Cassie Barnes (lighting designer), Kate Boyd (scenic designer), Logan Hehn (stage manager), Teddy Hulsker (sound designer), Michelle Mulholland (costume designer), and Daniel Yelen (props designer).

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