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West Coast Premiere

I CALL MY BROTHERS by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

Crowded Fire Theater Company, San Francisco (2016)

Something just happened. A car. An explosion. And a city is paralyzed with fear. The goal is to blend in. The goal is to become invisible. There. Now you’re ready.In this funny and fierce showdown with paranoia, the award-winning Jonas Hassen Khemiri takes us on an intense 24-hour journey inside one young man’s head. What happens when the lines between reality and fantasy, love and fear, criminal and victim, become increasingly blurred?


Theatre Bay Area Recommended Production


"90 minutes of breathtaking theatricality guided by Evren Odcikin's loving direction and choreography." 

The Huffington Post

"Tense, riveting ... That tension is part of what propels director Odcikin’s compelling, superbly acted production. The four-person cast brings focused energy that allows Alaudini’s Amor to remain the center of the action while surrounding him with key shadings of humor, reality, fantasy, danger and, ultimately, connection." 

—Theater Dogs

"Directed by Evren Odcikin with a lyricism and vitality that sweeps the audience into the story of Amor, a young Muslim who tries to appear cool to his friends while he is trembling inside, I Call My Brothers is a triumph for everyone involved." 

—My Cultural Landscape


Shoresh Alaudini, Denmo Ibrahim, Olivia Rosaldo, Mohammad Shehata


Creative Team

Sara Huddleston (Sound Design), Beth Hersh (Lighting Design), Celeste Jacobson-Ingram (Stage Manager), Devon La Belle (Props Design), May Liang (Assistant Director), Michelle Mulholland (Costume Design), Benjamin Shiu (Assistant Stage Manager), Adeline Smith (Scenic Design)

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