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Regional Premiere

I CALL MY BROTHERS by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

Cleveland Public Theatre (2017)

Something has happened. A car. An explosion. And a city is paralyzed with fear. But Amor has an important errand to run. He walks the streets with his backpack and his cell phone, doing his best to blend in. But what looks normal? A funny and fierce showdown with paranoia, I Call My Brothers offers a 24-hour journey inside the head of a young, Arab-American man, suddenly a stranger in his own city. What happens when the lines between reality and fantasy, love and fear, criminal and victim, become increasingly blurred? 


"Powerful, visceral... Odcikin finds a good balance between the script's emotional lows and highs, its abrupt shifts in direction, and its poetry and politics."

—Morning Journal


Salar Ardebili, Andrea Belser, Rocky Encalada, Abdelghani Kitab

Creative Team

Wes Caulkin (Lighting Design), Alison Garrison (Costume Design), Jesse Hernon (Stage Manager), James Kosmatka (Sound Design), Douglas Puskas (Scenic Design)

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