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World Premiere

by Denmo Ibrahim

Golden Thread Productions, San Francisco (2009)

In Ecstasy, stories are written in water, spells are cast through washing, and to drink either creates your life or rips it from you. In this dangerous water world, three uniquely lost characters struggle to remember and pray to forget. Inspired by 9th century Sufi fable, "When the Waters Were Changed" and created through a year-long ensemble-based development process, Ecstasy | a waterfable is visceral, physical storytelling at its best.



"In director Evren Odcikin's sure, organic staging, the narrative affect unfolds slowly amid a current of incantatory ensemble movement, rhythm, and song"

SF Bay Guardian

"What is remarkable throughout the work is Evren Odcikin's directing. He has gleaned from Ecstasy every possible nuance inherent in the work emotionally and physically."

SF Bay Times


Bobak Bakhtiari, Deborah Eliezer, Bora "Max" Koknar, Roman Kosins, Cec Levinson, Garth Petal, Nora El Samahy*, Alika Spencer, and Heidi Wolff


Creative Team

Sarah Al Kassab (costume design), Wesley Cabral (scenic design), Vince Delgado and Roman Kosins (Composers), Jarrod Fischer (lighting design)

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