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our orange sky by christopher oscar peña

Profile Theatre, Portland, OR (2024)

With a successful career, an adoring boyfriend, and money to burn Orlando seems to have achieved what others only dream of. And yet he feels more empty than ever. So he makes a life-changing decision and returns to his childhood home. When he arrives with a big announcement to share, he finds he’s not the only one with shocking news. A new play that questions whether the dreams we build for ourselves and our families can ever truly bring us joy.


"Gorgeous ... our orange sky weaves personal struggles and societal issues into a family reunion where no one escapes unscathed."

Broadway World


Patricia Alvitez, Anthony Green Caloca, Jonathan Hernandez, David Remple, ​Matthew Sepeda, Skyler Verity

Creative Team

Gwyneth Bushman (Properties Coordinator), Derek Easton (Technical Director), Hayley Farrell (Production Assistant), Blanca Forzán (Lighting Designer), Michael Hall (Lead Carpenter), Josh Hecht (Dramaturg), Scott James (Sound Designer), David Levine (Stage Manager), Josh F. S. Moser (Dialect Coach), Kristen Mun-Van Moy (Intimacy Director), Frank J. Oliva (Set Designer), Ahmad Daniel Santos (Costume Designer), Joshua Yoon (Lead Electrician)

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